Monday, July 26, 2021

Key Management and Key Distribution in network security


Key Management

The main aim of key management is to generate a secret key between two parties and store it to prove the authenticity between communicating users. Key management is the techniques which support key generation, storage and maintenance of the key between authorized users. Key management plays an important role in cryptography as the basis for securing cryptographic goals like confidentiality, authentication, data integrity and digital signatures. It is not the case where communicating parties are using same key for encryption and decryption or whether two different keys are used for encryption and decryption. Basic purpose of key management is key generation, key distribution, controlling the use of keys, updating, destruction of keys and key backup/recovery.

Following point to be executed in key management
User registration
User initialization
Key generation
Key installation
Key registration
Normal use
Key backup
Key update
Key de-registration and revocation
Key recovery

Key Distribution

Figure: Classification of Key Distribution in network security

   To learn more about KeyDistribution and Key Management, watch below video

Video : Key Management and Key Distribution

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