Monday, September 13, 2021

Network security model

Network security model

A message is to be transferred from sourced to destination across some sort of internet. Figure shows network security model.


Figure: Network Security Model

A logical information channel is established by defining a route through the internet from source to destination. All the techniques for providing security have two components:

A security related information to be sent.

Some secret information shared by two parties; secret information is unknown to the opponent.

A trusted third party is needed to achieve secure transmission. For example, a third party may be responsible for distributing the secret information to the two parties (sender & receiver), also secret information protects from any opponent.

Basic tasks in designing a particular security service:

Design an algorithm for performing the security related transformation.

Generate the secret information to be used with the algorithm.

Develop method for the distribution and sharing of the secret information.

Specify a protocol to be used by the two principles that makes use of the security algorithm and the secret information to achieve a particular security service.

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