Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Digital Signature Requirement and Security | Real time application of digital signature

Digital Signature Requirement

On the basis of the properties just discussed, we can formulate the following requirements for a digital signature.

The signature must be a bit pattern that depends on the message being signed.

The signature must use some unique information of the sender to prevent both forgery and denial.

It must be relatively easy to produce the digital signature.

It must be relatively easy to recognize and verify the digital signature.

It must be computationally infeasible to forge a digital signature, either by constructing a new message for an existing digital signature or by constructing a fraud digital signature for a given message.

It must be practical to retain a copy of the digital signature in storage.



Message Authentication: A digital signature technique can provide message authentication. Digital signature is used to establish proof of identities and ensure that the origin of an electronic message is correctly identified.

Message Integrity: Digital signature are used to detect unauthorized modification to data which assures that the contents of message are not changed after sender sends but before it reaches to intended receiver.

Non-Repudiation: There are situation where a user sends a message and alter on refuses that he had sent that message. That is known as non-repudiation because the person who signed the document cannot repudiate the signature at a later time.

We can prevent man in the middle attack, Replay attack, Masquerade, Impersonation attack.


Realtime usage of digital signature

Now a day’s digital signature techniques are used in many application areas like sending confidential e-mails, during secure payment transfer and possibly all software companies, universities, educational institutions those want to achieve authentication and integrity of their confidential information.

Figure: Add digital signature in message

Figure: Signed and valid digital signature

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