Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Network Edge | End system in computer network | Client - Server Architecture

What is End System in network?

Computers connected with network are known as end systems in network. The end system is also known as Host.

For Example, Workstations (PCs / Laptop), TVs and set top boxes, CCTV Cameras, Household Applications, Mobile Phones.

Figure: End System in Computer Network

Categories of Host

Hosts can be further divided into two categories: Client and Server.

Figure: Client and Server in Computer Network

Client Server Architecture:


The individual workstation in network is called Client. Client send a request to server, when client wants an access server. The software run at the client machine is called as client program. Ex., Browser.


The central computers which is more powerful than clients, no one access server without authentication. Ex., File server, database server, print server. Server provides services as per client request.

The software run at the server machine is called as server program. Ex., Xampp, File server.

Figure: Client - Server Architecture

Pros and Cons of Client Server Architecture


High Security

High Performance

Centralized Backup



Professional Network Admin required

Server cost is very high

Continuously backup required

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