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Understanding of Network and Internet | Computer Network | Internet | Protocol and Standards | Defacto and Dejure

     What is Network?

A group or system of interconnected people or things. 

Example: Group of People (social media), Railway tracks, Highways, Branch offices connected with Head Office.

Figure: Social media network
Figure: Railway track network

What is Computer Network?

Two or more computer systems connected with each other is known as computer network.

Example: Intranet, Internet.

Figure: Internet and Intranet

Figure: Network Topology

What is Internet?

The internet is a type of world-wide computer network. Internet is a “network of networks”. Internet is consisted of academic, business and government networks, which carry various information and services. It is global communication accessed through the web. Internet deals with protocols and standards.

Example: E-mail, Web access and services, file transfer


A protocol is a set of rules that governs data communications. Protocol defines the method of communication, how to communicate, when to communicate etc.

Figure: Protocol Syntax

Syntax: Syntax means format of data or the structure how it is pretend. 

For example, first eight bits for sender address, next eight bits for receiver address, rest of the bits for message/information.

Semantics: Semantics is the meaning of each section of bits e.g. The address bit means the route of transmission or final destination of the message.

Timing: Timing means, at what time data can be sent and how fast data can be sent or received.


Standards provide guidelines to the manufacturers, vendors, government agencies and service provider. It ensures that interconnectivity and compatibility of the device. Standards help in maintaining market competitiveness and guarantees interoperability. Data communication standards are of two categories: De facto and De Jure.

De facto: De facto means by facts or by convention. The standards that are not approved by any organization but are widely used are De facto standards. These are established by manufacturers.

De jure: De jure means by law or by regulation. These are the standards that are recognized officially by an organization.

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