Cyber Laws and Ethics


Unit – 1

Evolution of computer Technology - Video Link

Emergence of cyber space-Cyber Jurisprudence-Law – Video Link

Cyber Ethics-Cyber Jurisdiction-Hierarchy of courts-Cyber Space and Web Space – Video Link

Web hosting and web Development Agreement-Introduction of Domain Name – Video Link

Legal and Technological Significance of domain Names-Internet as a tool for global access – Video Link


Unit – 2

Overview of IT Act 2000-Amendments and Limitations of IT Act – Video Link

Digital Signatures – Video Link

Cryptographic Algorithm – Video Link

Public and Private Cryptography-Electronic Governance – Video Link

Legal Recognition of Electronic and Digital Records-Certifying Authorities – Video Link

Cyber Crime and Offences-NSP Liability – Video Link

Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal-Penalties and Adjudication – Video Link


Unit – 3

Intellectual Property-Patent Law-Trademark Law-Copyright – Video Link

Domain Names and Copyright disputes – Video Link

Electronic Data Base and its Protection – Video Link

IT Act and Civil Procedure Code – Video Link

IT Act and Criminal Procedural Code-Indian Evidence Act-Bankers Book Evidence Act – Video Link

Relevant Sections of Indian Penal Code-Reserve Bank of India Act and Law Relating to Employees and Internet – Video Link

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution – Video Link


Unit – 4

Introduction of E-commerce and Evolution in E-commerce – Video Link

Development in E-commerce and Paper vs Paper Less Contracts – Video Link

E-Commerce model and E-Security – Video Link

Taxation and Electronic Payments – Video Link

Supply Chain and EDI – Video Link

E-markets and Emerging Trends – Video Link


Unit – 5

Importance of Cyber Law – Video Link

Significance of Cyber Ethics and Need for Cyber Regulations and Ethics – Video Link

Ethics in Information Society and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Ethics – Video Link

Core Principles to Keep AI Ethical and Ethical Issues in AI – Video Link

Introduction to Block Chain Ethics and Key Attributes of Blockchain – Video Link

Ethical Design and Implementation – Video Link

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