Cyber Security


Unit – 1

Systems Vulnerability-Common Computer Security Vulnerabilities - Video Link

Difference between Vulnerability and Risk – Video Link

Open Port – Video Link

Different Port Scanning Techniques – Video Link

Banner - Version Check - Traffic Prob – Video Link

OpenVAS-Metasploit – Video Link

Networks Vulnerability Scanning-Netcat-Socat – Video Link

Port and Services tools-Datapipe-Fpipe-WinRelay – Video Link

Network Reconnaissance Tool-Nmap-THC-Amap – Video Link

Network Sniffers and Injection tools-TCPDUMP-WINDUMP – Video Link

Network Sniffers and Injection tools-Wireshark-Ettercap-Hping-Kismet – Video Link


Unit – 2

Firewall – Video Link

Packet Filter-Firewall – Video Link

Stateless-State full Firewall – Video Link

NAT – Video Link

Port Forwarding – Video Link

Snort – Video Link


Unit – 3

Web Application Tools Scanning for Web Vulnerabilities Tool-Nikto-W3af – Video Link

HTTP utilities-Crul-OpenSSL and Stunnel – Video Link

Application Inspection Tool-Zed Attack Proxy-SQLMAP – Video Link

DVWA-WebGoat – Video Link

Password Cracking and Brute-Force Tools-John the Ripper-L0htcrack-. Pwdump-HTC-haydra – Video Link


Unit – 4

Introduction to Cyber Crime – Video Link

Classification of Cyber Crime – Video Link

Cyber Law – Video Link

Types of Cybercrime – Video Link

Cyber Space - Criminal Behaviour - Traditional Problems – Video Link

Incidence of Response – Video Link

Digital Forensics – Video Link

Computer Crime – Video Link

Contaminants and Destruction of Data-IT Act 2000 – Video Link


Unit – 5

Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation – Video Link

Keyloggers – Video Link

Spyware – Video Link

Virus – Video Link

Worms – Video Link

Trojan – Video Link

Backdoors – Video Link

Steganography - Video Link

DOS and DDOS attack – Video Link

SQL injection – Video Link

Buffer Overflow – Video Link

Attack on wireless Networks – Video Link


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