Information Security Most IMP Topics for GTU Exam (29-12-2021)

Information Security MIMP Topics


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Unit – 1

All Definitions & Terminology

Types of attack: Active and Passive attack

Active vs passive attack

Security Goals: Authentication, Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity, Non-repudiation

Substitution Techniques: Caesar Cipher, Mono alphabetic, Playfair cipher, Vigenère cipher, hill cipher, one time pad cipher (All methods with example)

Transposition Techniques: Columnar transposition and Rail fence Cipher

Mono alphabetic vs poly alphabetic (All methods with example)

Substitution vs transposition

Symmetric cipher vs asymmetric cipher


Unit – 2

Block cipher and stream cipher

DES algorithm

Strength, weakness and avalanche effect on DES

AES algorithm


Unit – 3

Double and Triple DES

All block cipher modes: EBC, CBC, CFB, OFB, Counter


Unit – 4

Application of asymmetric cryptography

RSA algorithm with example

Diffie Hellman with example

Man in the middle attack in Diffie-Hellman

Man in the middle attack in DES


Unit – 5

Hash function & its properties

Application of hash function

Sha 1 algorithm

MD 5 algorithm

SHA1 vs MD5


Unit – 6

Introduction & Application of MAC


MAC vs Hash function


Unit – 7

Introduction and properties of digital signature

El Gamal digital signature scheme

Schnorr digital signature scheme

DSA (Digital signature algorithm)


Unit – 8

Public key distribution

x.509 (digital certificate): digital certificate format, obtaining and revocation

Public key infrastructure (PKIX) & it’s working


Unit – 9

Kerberos: terminology and Kerberos working

Kerberos version 4 authentication and its working

Kerberos version 4 message exchange

Limitation of Kerberos version 4

Kerberos Realm



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Unit – 1:

Unit – 2:

Unit – 3:

Unit – 4:

Unit – 5:

Unit – 6:

Unit – 7:

Unit – 8:

Unit – 9:


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